A Laurel Founder's Life
Laurel        Civil War     Japan

June-December 2004


Early Years (1804-1834)

Laurel Years (1835-50)

A Life in Transition (1851-1859)

Civil War (1860-65)

Department of Agriculture 1866-1871)

Japan (1871-1875)

Final Years (1875-1885)

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Horace Capron 1804-1885

Horace Capron 1804-1885


Horace Capron had a profound impact on Laurel, Maryland's early years.

Reminders of his years in Laurel—from the Laurel Museum building itself, to Main Street—are all around us.

During his early years he witnessed important events in the nation's history.

His life after leaving Laurel was even more remarkable—and touched some of the great events in our nation’s growth and development. 

He encountered Native Americans in Texas, fought in the Civil War, and lost a son to battle. After the war he served as United States Commissioner of Agriculture.

At the age of 67 he led a delegation that helped transform Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost province: His efforts helped demonstrate the United States’ growing stature in the international community.


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